We care about the planet

In Martínez Otero we have a responsible approach to our products and our processes as a part of our corporate and design philosophy.

Ever since our company was founded in 1942, we have had a strong focus on minimising our environmental impact throughout all processes from design to delivery, while ensuring a healthy working environment.

Sustainability is a commitment that Martínez Otero Contract pursues in all phases of the production cycle. It means cutting to the maximum any use of environmentally harmful products, focusing on recycling and sustainable management of waste as well as investing our efforts on energy efficiency.




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Martínez Otero Contract adheres to a number of recognised international standards and programmes that determine our company’s conduct in this important area. Here is a brief overview of the certifications that we work with every day.

In 2009 the company obtained the ISO 14001 certificate for environmental standards.

This meant reducing to the maximum any use of environmentally harmful products, focusing on recycling, sustainable management of the waste, and investing our efforts on energy efficiency, at this moment minimising our impact on the environment.

To ensure our customers that the timber used in our furniture comes from responsibly managed forests, Martínez Otero is certified PEFC and FSC ® Chain of Custody, and thus participate in sustainable forest management.

  • FSC is sponsored by Greenpeace and the World Wide Foundation for Nature (WWF).
  • PEFC certification is a system promoted by government groups and the European timber industry.


Since its beginnings, MARTÍNEZ OTERO has been dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of furniture, seeking to obtain the highest levels of QUALITY of its products and services to achieve the SATISFACTION of its customers. Now it is taking a step further by developing all its activities with the commitment to promote SUSTAINABLE FORESTRY MANAGEMENT, contributing to not losing forest cover and thus being able to pass on to future generations what has been bequeathed to us and respect for the ENVIRONMENT.

To this end, an INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM has been established in MARTÍNEZ OTERO CONTRACT where we are committed to complying with and enforcing the following principles:

  • To manage all the processes necessary to identify the needs and expectations of our customers and understand what requirements our company must meet to provide a service that satisfies them.
  • To consider the environmental variable in the planning and development of our activities, promoting the environmental awareness of our personnel.
  • To comply with the applicable environmental legislation and regulations related to Sustainable Forest Management related to our activities, as well as other commitments that may be established, striving to prevent pollution and minimise, as far as possible, the potential environmental impact that we generate.
  • Martínez Otero is committed to using its best efforts to prevent the trade and purchase of illegally harvested wood or wood fibre, extracted in breach of traditional and civil rights, harvested in forests whose high conservation value is threatened by management activities, or wood from forests where genetically modified trees are planted.
  • To promote an understanding and diffusion of our quality policy, environmental management and chain of custody within our organisation, through continuous training and communication with our employees.
  • To ensure the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System, carrying out periodic reviews of it to ensure compliance with the Quality, Environment and Chain of Custody Policy, the Objectives and Targets established.
  • To maintain our commitment to occupational health and safety in the performance of our activities.
  • To guarantee the application of due diligence in the acquisition of wood and wood products to ensure their legal origin and provenance, in the application of the EUTR Regulation.
  • To avoid trading in wood or wood products harvested in breach of applicable legislation.
  • The Management undertakes to disseminate this policy, which is of a public nature, and to make it known to all personnel of MARTÍNEZ OTERO CONTRACT.