Martínez Otero Contract

Our company roots are here. This is where we began and where we still produce all the carpentry and industrial joinery for our projects.

Things have changed since the early days, of course: we continuously update and optimize our manufacturing and technological resources to stay competitive. But the spirit has stayed the same.

We offer a contemporary combination of industrial production and perfect craftsmanship.

With a highly-skilled in-house team, we embrace modern machining facilities to produce fine timber products.

We are specialists in cabinet making, machining – planning, shaping, forming, moulding, carving and joining timber.

Our modern machines and production tools represent the latest in technology, balanced with our know-how of over 75 years in carpentry and joinery.

They allow us to ensure:

  • Resistant and robust tenon and mortise joints.
  • Millimetre calibration and perfect adjustments.
  • Automated cuts for uniformity from piece 1 to 1000
  • High efficiency in times and costs.




Working from a 6,500 sqft workshop our manufacturing facilities include some of the latest woodworking machinery allowing us to achieve higher output while maintaining the same high-quality product.

  • Warehouse table
  • Panel dividing saw
  • Edge banding
  • CNC machine
  • Press
  • Surface planer
  • Sliding table saw
  • Dowel drilling
  • Robot paint
  • Sanding paint
  • Manual paint