Martínez Otero Estructuras

We love having our own metalworking plant.

Why? Because we believe it completes the work we do, especially given the prominent role of metal in current contract project trends.

The reason for this own metalworking plant is that it complements the work done at Martínez Otero with the strength that metal acquires within current trends in contract projects.

We work with:

  • steel
  • iron
  • brass
  • zinc
  • all kind of metals

We can provide different types of metal finishing including:

  • brushing
  • polishing
  • electroplating
  • chemical patinas
  • epoxy coatings



We are very happy to explore new metal finishes with clients to create something unique and enjoy the challenge of trying to produce new and beautiful metal pieces.

The standard metal finishes and our extensive set of bespoke metal finishes in our showroom library help illustrate the differences between techniques and are well worth looking through to see what can be achieved.

  • Luxury metal furniture finishes
  • Burnished metal luxury furniture finishes
  • Powder-coated luxury furniture finishes
  • Textured metal luxury furniture finishes


Alto da Cruz, 44, Matalobos
36689 A Estrada - Pontevedra (Spain)


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+34 986 57 01 97