Complementary production areas

Martínez Otero is at the forefront of technology in finding materials that are efficient and in trend.

We can advise you on the most appropriate materials and finishes for your project, providing samples for your approval.

We are specialists integrating metal, brass, marble, glass and upholstery in different furniture pieces. You can also choose from a wide range of finishes, selecting the ones that are tailored to your needs.

From curved banquet seating to acoustic walls, our highly skilled upholstery team specialise in technical and detailed applications.

Fabrics, leathers, silks and wools are formed into stunning furniture pieces.

We can work with all kinds of materials and finishes, solid timber, veneers, lacquered, melamine, upholstery, marble, metal and glass:

• Nude boards: MDF and chipboard.
• Faced boards: melamine, high-pressure laminate and natural veneer.
• Laminated wood.
• High-pressure laminated boards.
• Solid timber.
• Solid surface materials.
• Metals: steel, aluminium, iron, copper, brass and bronze.
• Glass: transparent, coloured and painted, including stratifying and toughening processes.
• Mirrors.
• Plexiglas, polycarbonate and other plastics.
• Fabrics, leathers, semi-leathers and upholstery materials.
• Digital printing.
• Signage elements.
• Personalised lighting elements.
• Floors: parquets, carpets and ceramics.
• Stone and marble elements.

A combination that makes every piece we make better.