Industrial Capacity
Martínez Otero Contract

It is the origin and the roots of the company, where we produce all the carpentry and industrial joinery work for our projects.

In continuous change and optimisation of our productive and technological resources.

Martínez Otero Estructuras

The reason for this own metalworking plant is that it complements the work done at Martínez Otero with the strength that metal acquires within current trends in contract projects.

We work with:

  • steel
  • iron
  • brass
  • all kind of metals

From the cut to the final finish, on the same basis as the quality of the parent company.

Martínez Otero Composites

As part of the company’s innovation strategy and in anticipation of trends in architecture and design, Martínez Otero creates Martínez Otero Composites facilities with cutting-edge machinery for the transformation of all kinds of solid surfaces and other technological materials.

We offer more than a custom service:

  • Technical analysis of the project and value engineering.
  • Manufacture and installation of furniture, facades, lattices, bathtubs and all types of interior and exterior coverings.
  • Customised projects in different materials and finishes: pieces in large or small format, translucent, thermo-curved, engraved, with interior lighting and without joints.
  • Projects for hotels, shops, restaurants, institutional buildings and offices.


Many solid surfaces are worked like wood, allowing to cut plates, join them, thermoforming,  make curved pieces and integrate them into other materials, making impossible designs.

  • furniture
  • bathroom equipment
  • kitchen equipment
  • countertops
  • wall tiles
  • signage
  • outdoor wall
  • commercial furniture

New warehouses with more capacity

The warehouses have been expanded to the rhythm of the activity.

A more significant number of projects and the internationalisation of the company have required the expansion of the internal and external logistics warehouses.

A differential advantage that our company offers its customers to improve the efficiency of deliveries.

All trades under one roof

Martínez Otero is at the forefront of technology in finding materials that are efficient and in trend.

Vanguard and artisan tradition, a combination that makes every piece we make better.

  • Glass
  • Upholstery
  • Stone