Renzo Piano

Botín Art Center


Renzo Piano and his team at RPBW has designed the Botin Art Center in collaboration with the Spanish architect Luis Vidal.

It was the first time that Martínez Otero collaborates with the architect and not the first time that we collaborate with Banco Santander whose Fundación Botín is the owner of the Botín Art Center.

Renzo Piano is the designer of many architectural works including the latest Shard building in London, Le Tribunal de Paris, in Paris, the Academy of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles, or the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Culture Center, among others.

He is known by his technological approach and inventiveness, specific engineering contribution and sustainable development consideration.

In Martínez Otero we think new and better ideas happened when working collaboratively and that happened when we manufactured and installed most of the furniture made of wood for the Botín Art Center.