Pharmaceutical company
Sustainability and mobility

The project of this pharmaceutical company has been developed entirely by the Spanish architecture consultancy 3g office, from the consultancy of spaces to the direction of the works.

The extensive facilities of 12,000m2 welcome more than 450 employees. Spaces have been created such as technology rooms with the latest innovations in home automation, phone boots for confidential meetings, the library and even an auditorium with capacity for 300 people.

Besides, for the rest of the employees, who have collaborated in the design of these custom-made offices, relaxation rooms, a snack bar, a gym and even medical and physiotherapy services have been included.

3g office entrusted Martínez Otero Contract with the manufacture and installation of bespoke wood carpentry for different spaces. The furniture has neutral colours and materials such as wood varnished in natural tones, white lacquered and solid surfaces among others.

Some elements stood out, such as the reception furniture, with an elliptical shape and composed of an interior structure made of rectangular wooden profiles and covered with Krion © Snow White that extends to the front wall. Besides, it includes an LED line integrated into the skirting board through an L-shaped profile made of metal sheet lacquered in white.

In some meeting spaces, furniture has been installed in the shape of a “C” covered with natural wood and composed of two areas: a bench and a television surface and a low cabinet.

The tables of some collaborative spaces have been conceived as a monolithic and sculptural piece adapted in height to accommodate disabled people.

And the stands of the restaurants have integrated planters on the backs formed by an internal structure of wooden profiles, and DM board lacquered in matt white and slats of solid wood for the formation of the seat.

Undoubtedly, a novel project that has resulted in the construction of offices where flexibility and collaborative work prevail.