Seventy Barcelona
The hotel that is not

Seventy fuses the warmth of a Mediterranean guest house and the charm of multipurpose space, giving rise to a six-story hotel with avant-garde architecture and a spectacular setting.

The Grupo Nuñez i Navarro together with the team of interior designers made up of Luis Bustamante and Rosa Rosselló Rosa Rosselló were responsible for this project. Architects Carlos Ferrater and Xavier Martí of the OAB architecture firm were responsible for the facade.

One of the spaces which stands out the most is the Seventy Live, a two-story lobby of more than 1,500 square meters, including ten huge seven-meter-high windows serving as showcases. Its decoration made up of transparent spiral staircases, furniture and decorative elements, make it a genuine living room.

Wood is the clear protagonist in all this space where Martínez Otero has carried out the interior carpentry and metalwork of all the public areas: reception, lobby, bar, restaurant, corridors, gym, pool, spa and terrace.

In addition, the hotel has 152 rooms divided into six categories, of which we have manufactured and installed the furniture.