Navaliber, our strategic partner in fittings

Navaliber is a fittings company with extensive experience in the naval sector.
The collaboration between Martínez Otero and Navaliber creates the perfect synergy, enabling us to offer our clients a complete package of solutions
for their spaces.

While Martínez Otero supplies all the decorative pieces for the final user to see, touch and experience, Navaliber provides the necessary supports for these final finishes: wall panels, ceilings, gate frames, insulation, levelling materials, and so on.

Navaliber has its own certified panel system that can be used for walls and ceilings, which is suitable for all types of installations and requirements. These panels are manufactured to the exact size of each space, guaranteeing precision, preventing material waste and reducing the amount of time spent adjusting on site.

These certified systems include the patent for an exclusive B15 classification sliding partition system with multiple usages, a flexible and easy-to-operate solution which can be used with different finishes.

Following the guidelines established in each project’s thermal and acoustic study, Navaliber has the knowledge and means to develop and implement all types of sub-pavements, insulations and floor preparation, making it possible to create the perfect substrate before placing the final finishes, therefore ensuring optimal comfort and compliance with the established requirements.

In order to complete the package of elements that are used to close the different spaces, Navaliber also offers a wide range of certified door models, both hinged and sliding, that comply with the applicable regulations and
that adapt to the different dimensions and requirements of the premises.
When used in conjunction with the rest of the elements these ensure the continuity of the enclosure, as well as its acoustic insulation and fire resistance.