Innovative and efficient materials

In our search for solutions that adapt to the projects’ formal requirements, in terms of efficiency and adaptation to use, our team now uses a range of different materials that boast the special technical features that these solutions provide without compromising on the aesthetic result:

  • Metal treatment: PVD, metallic powder coating...
  • Curved, corrugated and carved solid surfaces.
  • Fabrics, vinyl and other covering and upholstery materials are certified by the IMO.
  • IMO carpets.
  • A special glass with optical properties, cool-lite glass.
  • Laminated natural stone.

In our search for new materials and viable alternatives that can be used in our projects, we have also focused on obtaining eco-efficient, recyclable and environmentally friendly materials.

  • Wood derivatives with FSC and PEFC certification.
  • Recycled and recyclable polymers.
  • Decorative materials obtained from recycled products such as coffee, rubber, textile fibres, felling and pruning remains, etc.