Since 1942
The company founded in 1942 by María Martínez, is still owned by the family

Maria Martínez was a very young widow with 4 small children. Determined and hardworking, she proved to be a businesswoman, setting up carpentry for the production of furniture.

In extremely difficult times, she relied on her entrepreneurial character, always with humility and sacrifice as principles.

More than made-to-measure

In Martínez Otero, we turn the ideas of architects and interior designers into real projects.

We manage the whole process giving a global service: technical analysis of the project, manufacture and installation of furniture and turnkey projects for hotels, restaurants, retail, corporate headquarters or institutional buildings at an integral level in any part of the world.

Flexible organization
For Martínez Otero, it is always a challenge to work in any city, in any country, and on any continent
  • We can be quick in the procurement of special materials and deliver different options for finishes.
  • We can optimize our industrial processes to get better times of execution.
  • We love challenges and be able to deliver the best performance of any project in any city, or any country, whatever the difficulty.
MARTINEZ OTERO CONTRACT About Barcelo Torre de Madrid hotel
In any part of the world
Our teams love to travel

If we start to count, there are more than 500 cities where we have executed projects.

In addition to our own factories, we have two Showrooms, in Barcelona and Madrid and we are present in Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco and recently in the United States.

Martínez Otero Contract worldwide projects