Jaime Beriestain

- Vincci Mae Hotel
- The One - H10
- Be So Restaurant
- Impar Restaurant
Philosofia Book Café


Jaime Beriestain is a Chilean interior designer who established himself in Barcelona with his own studio in 2002.

Beriestain has created many unique hotels and interiors, lamps and carpets for Marset and Dac and above all, he has created a creative universe around his brand.

He opened his own showroom and a concept store with restored vintage pieces, books, a collection of candles and carpets and a coffee & restaurant.

Awarded with the AD 2016 price to the best interior designer, he is doing more international projects for hotels.

Together we transformed The Vincci Mae Hotel, the H10 the One, the Hilton T5 in Tanger, the Princesa Sofía Hotel Barcelona, The Gran Vía Hotel Barcelona, and the Beso, Impar and Fiolosofía restaurants.