La Terraza del Casino
Fantasy furniture

The building in which this excellent restaurant is located, awarded with two Michelin stars, is a monument: the Casino de Madrid.

Since in 1836 a group of young people decided to create the institution of the Casino de Madrid as a meeting place for cultural and leisure activities, their stays have been reserved exclusively for the members of the foundation.

For the general public, the only opportunity to see the impressive interiors of the building is by visiting their restaurant.

The restaurant can also boast of its cuisine, led by the chef Paco Roncero, with two Michelin stars and a decoration renovated by Jaime Hayon: a stage where the imagination and creativity give free rein.

The interior design project of the restaurant continues to breathe the old spirit of the building, but Jaime Hayon manages to fill it with bright colours and geometries.

Its creative universe is reflected in all the furniture: its dramatic chandeliers with conical screens or the colourful doors and glass arches that separate the rooms now acquire a new prominence in contrast to the coloured walls. And there is no lack of its style with the characteristic eyes, noses, ears and mouths, which are drawn in lamps, carts or dishes.


From Martínez Otero Contract we have carried out the manufacture of some of the pieces of furniture: the red showcase with lacquered steel structure and transparent laminated glass, the trolleys for the cutlery made of lacquered steel and with Carrara marble countertop , the trolley for the cakes, the auxiliary tables or the entrance lamp with brushed brass structure and with opal glass spheres.

La Terraza del Casino has always been a platform for experimenting, a temple to cuisine, but also a place where interior design becomes an art where colour flows and the furniture tells stories, details that describe dreams,” says Jaime Hayon.